• Mosq

    Mosquitos: Public Enemy #1

    Mayoral candidate Gord Steeves made it known in no uncertain terms, as mayor of Winnipeg he’d make mosquitoes public enemy Number 1.

    “Winnipeggers work hard and suffer through long brutal winters,” Steeves said. “I think it’s the job as mayor to ensure summers are as comfortable as possible. That means taking every measure possible to reduce mosquito counts to as close to zero as possible.”

    Working with the Province of Manitoba, Steeves will push for aerial spraying but with an organic compound instead of malathion during targeted time periods. Aerial fogging is implemented by our neighbours to the south in Grand Forks with great success and vastly reduces the need for residential spraying.

    Steeves will also work with the province to reduce buffer zones from 90 meters to 40 meters for instances where residential spraying is required as a last resort. He will also seek to ensure buffer zones are granted only for medical reasons.

    Amidst fears of West Nile disease and a desire to enjoy comfortable as possible, Steeves feels this is a vital policy announcement.

    “I think one thing all the candidates can agree on is summer time in Winnipeg is spectacular and should be enjoyed by everyone,” Steeves said.

  • Road

    The $100 Million Core Road and Infrastructure Renewal Fund

    Gord Steeves was the first mayoral candidate to make a significant infrastructure pledge in this campaign, committing to create a $100 million Core Road and Infrastructure Renewal Fund.   Continue Reading