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    24/7 Road Work

    Here was my announcement about 24/7 Road Repair as covered by Metro News Winnipeg:

    Mayor candidate Gord Steeves says road construction crews should be out all night long.

    The former councillor made the announcement Friday morning, saying he was “proposing a solid plan of specific actions that will address the many infrastructure issues plaguing our city.”

    The chief promise was to make sure 75 per cent of road construction happened 24-hours a day, seven days a week in order to minimize traffic restrictions and the impact on motorists.

    Other promises included:

    • Start a committee to monitor projects over $1 million for things like cost overages and scheduling. That committee would be responsible for providing Executive Policy Committee with a monthly update. The funding for the committee would come from the existing administrative budget, said Steeves.
    • ‘Blitz’ potholes with a commitment to fixing every pothole on every street in the spring within a 1-2 week period. Fund this with 0.5 per cent of the regional street budget annually – about $421,000.
    • Using previous studies done by the city, incorporate life-cycle costing for all significant infrastructure projects.
    • A five-year freeze on building new infrastructure except for new projects that are funded by outside sources.

    Steeves said his initiatives would not cost any additional money. “This plan will not require additional funding as it will reallocate existing resources and focus on the priorities of Winnipeggers.”

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