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    Choice is clear: Property tax freeze or 12 per cent tax increase?

    Steeves offers overtaxed, underserved voters a real choice

    Winnipeg voters can finally put a stop to higher taxes by electing Gord Steeves as mayor on Oct. 22. Steeves is the only candidate who has put forward a property tax freeze. Judy Wasylycia-Leis has said she will increase property taxes 12 percent if elected mayor.

    “When I was on council, we froze property taxes, yet more than doubled our spending for infrastructure,” Steeves said today. “We did it in an intelligent way which did not hurt ordinary citizens. I will not raise property taxes as mayor.”

    The tax increase proposed by Wasylycia-Leis harms young Winnipeggers looking to buy their own home, may make home ownership too costly for seniors, and will drive overtaxed Winnipeggers to neighbouring municipalities.

    In 1987, she was an NDP cabinet minister in a government that levied the single-largest tax increase in Manitoba history. She raised taxes 37 percent on ordinary Manitobans in one year. When she was in government, she supported increases to the provincial sales tax. She has raised taxes before, and she has already promised to do it again.

    This is the second-straight mayoral election where Wasylycia-Leis has said she will raise property taxes.

    Winnipeg’s residents are already among the highest-taxed citizens in Canada. Those who battle to make ends meet will find it even tougher to survive in Winnipeg with Wasylycia-Leis and the NDP in control of City Hall.

    Winnipeggers can’t afford more NDP tax and spend policies proposed by Wasylycia-Leis. On Oct. 22, voters can start Rebuilding Winnipeg by voting for Gord Steeves and his plan to freeze property taxes and fix the city’s crumbling infrastructure.

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