• 2014 09 17 Photo radar

    Photo Radar abuses must stop

    Steeves backs proper traffic engineering and ending predatory photo radar enforcement

    Mayoral candidate Gord Steeves said today the practice of predatory photo radar enforcement must cease before Winnipeggers lose faith in the program entirely.

    “When photo radar was introduced in Winnipeg in 2002, it was done to promote public safety, but the focus has clearly shifted to grabbing cash from unsuspecting drivers,” mayoral candidate Gord Steeves said. “If we don’t make changes soon, the city will face the expense of having to refund fines collected from wrongfully-issued tickets en masse.”

    Winnipeg citizens are losing faith in a photo radar system that is clearly unfair for drivers. Enforcement is targeting deficiencies in traffic engineering standards such as the improper setting of speed limits, poor speed limit signage and improper amber light timing at intersections.

    There must be signage on both sides of the road when the road is divided by a median, including speed limit signs. That doesn’t happen in Winnipeg, and as a result the photo radar program issues 400 percent more tickets (on a per capita basis) than in other jurisdictions as a result. That’s not fair for drivers.

    Winnipeg’s four-second amber lights, set regardless of the speed limit, result in 750 percent more photo radar tickets in 80 km/h speed zones. That’s not fair for drivers

    There are known cases where a vehicle can receive two photo radar tickets from stations only several hundred metres apart. That is not a fair enforcement technique and it must stop.

    Speed limits are artificially low on some streets, and that is driven by politics not sound policy. When traffic engineers used the nationally recognized standard to recommend the speed limit be raised, politicians ignored their advice. That’s not fair for drivers.

    Fines levied through photo radar tickets are 250 percent higher than the average of all other provinces, and then the provincial NDP government doubled them again in construction zones. It is clear photo radar enforcement has become a tax grab. Gord Steeves will ensure photo radar enforcement is fair and promotes safety first.

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