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    Photo radar must focus on safety and fairness

    Photo radar must focus on safety and fairness
    Photo radar enforcement should be about safety, not a cash grab

    Mayoral candidate Gord Steeves said today the way photo radar enforcement is conducted needs to be changed to promote both safety and fairness.

    “Winnipeg’s photo radar enforcement program can only be about worker safety,” Steeves said. “It fails the moment it becomes about revenue for the city. I support a photo radar enforcement policy which is reasonable and fair for all citizens.”

    Steeves will implement a policy where signage is present that clearly indicates photo radar is present at construction sites, and enforcement will take place. Signage will also be required to clearly indicate where the lowered speed limit for that construction zone ends. Reader boards will also be present at construction sites indicating what your speed is and what the speed limit is in that zone. Posted signs showing photo radar will be used for enforcement 24 hours per day, seven days per week will also encourage safety.

    “We don’t want anyone speeding through a construction zone,” Steeves said. “A completely successful implementation of this policy will result in zero photo radar tickets.”

    An additional measure Steeves would implement is a two-tiered fine structure for those speeding in construction zones. When workers are not present, fines will be lower.

    “A ticket of $200 to $300 can be enough of a deterrent,” Steeves said. “A $750 ticket for going 14 km/h over the limit can be both devastating and unfair to people when the construction zone was poorly marked.”

    Other improvements Steeves advocates include adjusting the length of time yellow lights are used at traffic intersections controlled by lights based on the speed limit of that road.

    If tickets need to be issued, they should be sent without delay so drivers can learn of their offense and correct their driving habits. By making changes to promote safety and fairness, Winnipeggers can regain their trust and confidence in a photo radar system that restores a focus on safety over revenue.

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