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    Steeves chooses community clubs over bad BRT plan

    Community Clubs offer key services to neighbourhoods and need our support

    Winnipeg’s community clubs will receive as much as $5 million to improve existing and new infrastructure, mayoral candidate Gord Steeves pledged today.

    “I would rather invest in our children, families, strong communities and neighbourhoods than in a bad Bus Rapid Transit plan,” Steeves said. “Community centres genuinely improve the lives of residents who live nearby. They offer much needed recreational services, and they build stronger communities.”

    Steeves said he would pay for this $5 million pledge by taking that money from the reserve fund in place for Phase 2 of the Bus Rapid Transit plan. There is currently $8.8 million in that reserve fund, which has been in existence since 2008. That fund was created to bridge massive funding shortfalls for the BRT plans.

    “The plans for Phase 2 of BRT are underestimated, and will divert people away from Pembina Highway homes and businesses,” Steeves said. “That bad route choice and plan will force city council to raise property taxes five percent. Money is better spent investing in our communities and neighbourhoods across the city.”

    Steeves added his community club strategy will include incentives for willing community clubs to consolidate and improve, an emphasis on improving services for seniors and a fair distribution of funding throughout the city. There will also be an attempt to leverage matching funds from other funding sources to further improve community centres.

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