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    Steeves outraged at the path of Photo Enforcement in Winnipeg

    Steeves has a strong position on photo enforcement in Construction zones, plans on doing more

    Mayoral candidate Gord Steeves said he is outraged at the current state of affairs with respect to the photo enforcement program in Winnipeg.

    “This program began as a modest program that was designed to assist in traffic safety in our city,” said Steeves. “Now, after almost a decade and a half, this program has grown to a level where it is hardly under control and is the creature of two levels of government that do not seem to have any empathy for the citizens that the program is designed to serve.”

    The program has grown over the years from one that only included intersection cameras, to an expansion to playgrounds, school zones, construction zones, all supported now by a $21M contract that obligates our city until 2020.

    “I deal with people everyday in our community and there is no doubt in my mind that most people have lost faith in this program,” Steeves said. “Even those that support it are now becoming skeptical, I worry that Provincial measures to expand enforcement in construction zones may have had nothing to do with safety and likely may have simply been a method to address budget deficits at the Province.”

    Steeves added, unless we are prepared to deal with a complete rejection of this program in our community or several class action lawsuits, we need to get this program under control so it serves its purpose and doesn’t act as a punitive method for simply increasing revenue.

    Steeves will be hosting a second press conference on Photo Enforcement next week to be address the City’s uniquely deficient traffic engineering and disregard for the standards employed across Canada. To be specific, determining speed limits, speed reduction signage and amber light timing will be examined.  The stretches most deficient in these standards are precisely where enforcement is occurring in Winnipeg.  These are engineering corrections that should be corrected immediately rather than advantaged for revenue purposes.  To allow this abuse to continue is equal to trading our true safety, for profit.  Steeves will invite all members of the media to watch a power point presentation, which will clearly illustrate the need for drastic changes in engineering and the predatory photo enforcement program.

    “Along with recent by-law concerns, there is very disturbing evidence that we may not be signing areas appropriately and that we may be focusing on areas that have less to do with safety and more to do with Revenue generation.” Said Steeves, “We need to shine a light on this program and make sure that everything we are doing is focused on safety and nothing else.”

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