• 2014 09 10 Winnipeg City Hall

    Steeves to change community committee and land development process

    The current process drives away development and creates an “oblong city”

    Mayoral candidate Gord Steeves today pledged to make sweeping changes to the way land development will happen in Winnipeg’s future.

    Gone will be the draconian methods of community committee, which rewards a ‘Not in my Backyard’ syndrome. This will be replaced by a system which re-centralizes control to City Council, so decisions are made in the best interests of the city, not of one small group.

    “As it stands now, 15 ward cities develop and applicants begin to know which councilors will stomach development and who will not,” Steeves said. “If a councilor changes within a ward, and the new councilor is more development friendly, then back we go to that area. There needs to be a system where decisions based on vision and principles.”

    A new system for public hearings will be implemented which gives the local councilor input at the outset.  Then the process shifts to a combined group of council and administration to make the decision based on policy and positive city growth.

    “This will ensure our city grows in a way that respects policy but is fair to developers and ALL citizens alike, not just a small group of self-interested opponents of a project,” Steeves said. “This will prevent community committee wars where decisions are made on the fly to the benefit of no one.”

    Steeves added this idea came from the city’s Red Tape report, but it was never implemented. That report described our current development process as the most complex in the nation.

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