• 2014 10 13 Steeves Portage and Main copy

    Underground crosswalks will remain at Portage and Main

    Risks to pedestrian safety, traffic, and business outweigh nostalgia proposed by Bowman

    Mayoral candidate Gord Steeves said he would not open the Portage Avenue and Main Street intersection to pedestrian traffic.

    “If we open the intersection to pedestrian traffic we would destabilize the businesses located in the underground mall at Portage and Main,” Steeves said. “Brian Bowman’s plan to reopen this intersection will keep investors away and does not promote commerce at Winnipeg’s iconic intersection.”

    How can Judy Wasylycia-Leis and Brian Bowman spend hundreds of millions of dollars so transit riders on one route can save up to five minutes, then delay transit traffic at the busiest intersection in Winnipeg? Does anyone believe opening the barricades will result in more development at an intersection where there are already skyscrapers on every corner?

    “I am open to ideas which concern this intersection, but not if it means opening it up for pedestrian traffic,” Steeves said.  “Allowing pedestrians to cross eight to 10 lanes of traffic can only have a negative impact on the tens of thousands of people who travel through the intersection every day.”

    The underground crosswalks and mall provide much-needed relief from the cold months we experience between November and March. The pedestrian mall now offers natural traffic to Winnipeg Square, and makes it one of the busiest spots in downtown.

    Brian Bowman’s plan to open the barricades at Portage and Main will kill businesses downtown and create pedestrian and traffic safety concerns. Gord Steeves stands for public safety and downtown development.

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